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Planner and supplies spending spree!

Ive been obsessed with the planner community for a while now  and have been watching endless youtube videos and drooling over hundreds of Instagram pictures. While I’ve used paper planners regularly for about 10 years now I’m brand new to jumping on the decorative planner bandwagon. I’ve been humming and hawing for several months over whether or not its worth it to spend the money on one in the middle of the year. Today I finally bit the bullet and did it! (Or it could have been a means of procrastinating the doing of my assignment which is due in a few days. Eek!)

I had been tossing up between the Erin Condren life planner and a six ring planner system but in the end opted for a ring planner due to their easy customisation abilities (with starting halfway through the year and all). This is great because i can just keep on reusing the planner by switching out the inserts year after year. I can’t wait to purchase an Erin Condren for the new year though!

I absolutely ADORE the Filofax planners but my being situated in little New Zealand makes obtaining one a tad tricky, not to mention extra pricy! On the bright side we do have Kikki. K stores galore! So this is how I spent my Sunday afternoon of procrastination.

So here is my lovely large leather personal planner in black cherry.

Look at its beautiful gorgeousness! I also have a weakness for anything hexagonal.
Look at its beautiful gorgeousness! I also have a weakness for anything hexagonal.
Water intake stickers and magnetic page markers. On sale too. BONUS! makes me feel less guilty about spending that much on a planner.
Shiny! These pockets will come in handy for storing lots of cute stickers and sticky notes.

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