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Hand painted macarons

Who doesn’t love a macaron tower?

Today I felt like painting on macarons. Well I’ve been wanting to paint on macarons since forever ago but today I finally had the time and energy. I wasn’t really in the mood to actually MAKE the macarons but hey… got to work hard to play hard. I definitely prefer the Italian method of making macarons over the French method. It may seem like more work at the time with the extra step of making sugar syrup and all but the batter is much much more fool proof. I haven’t gone back to making macarons the french way since! Also let me just say… If you’ve ever wanted to try the Italian method but have been put off because you don’t have a standing mixer, don’t! Just go for it ๐Ÿ™‚ I have made hundreds of macarons and not once have I used a standing mixer (not to say that I don’t wish that I had one). Sure it requires a tad bit more coordination, but where theres a will theres a way.

Anyway. I kind of went overboard with the food colouring. I was wanting more of a blush pink and less neon but hey, they still taste delicious. I used some edible gold dust mixed with vodka to create the paint. This was my first time having a go at painting on macarons and I will definitely be doing more.

Macaron doodles
I filled these with chocolate ganache with a raspberry jam surprise in the centre

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