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Colourful Meringue Kisses


Theres no better way to spend a rainy Saturday home alone than doing some baking! I found a super easy recipe for these meringue kisses. Only two ingredients! 2 parts caster sugar to 1 part egg white (e.g 200 grams sugar, 100 grams egg white). It can’t get much better than that. Where it scores points for simple ingredients it loses for time and energy consuming… and thats due to my tiny bench-top oven and lack of a standing mixer. On the bright side my arms are definitely more toned now!

Anyway, the reason I made these was because its my birthday soon which is a good excuse to have a go at cake decorating! I’m planning to stick a few of these onto said cake. It looks good in my head…. We’ll see though.


I put the sugar in the oven (on some baking paper) at about 200 degrees Celsius for 4-5 minutes and while that was going I beat the egg whites starting at low speed and gradually increasing it until it formed stiff peaks (and yes I held the bowl over my head to check). When the sugar was done I beat one heaped tablespoon at a time into the egg whites. Once all the sugar was incorporated i beat the mixture for another 7 minutes.

I coloured these meringue kisses by painting stripes of gel food colouring inside my piping bag before filling it with the meringue mixture.

To get the cute points, cut a 1.5 cm (ish) hole in the piping bag and hold it about 2 cm (1 inch) vertically over the baking tray. Squeeze until desired size (mine are about 3cm in diameter) and release the pressure before lifting up in a quick motion. It took me a few attempts to get the hang of it.

I baked them for about 30-35 minutes at 95 degrees Celsius. You can test them for readiness by picking one up off the tray. If it comes off easily without leaving any sticky residue behind you can pull them out!

Let them cool on a wire rack and enjoy! They are crisp on the outside and beautifully gooey and marshmallowy on the inside.

And if you’re weird and don’t eat sugar, then just put them somewhere and look at them. ‘Cause they pretty.

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