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My crazy lookin’ birthday cake – inspired by Katherine Sabbath


It was my birthday yesterday! I had the day off work so I spent a good chunk of my day decorating a birthday cake for myself in between lunching with friends and shopping with mum. I know, it sounds kind of sad.. I had to make my own birthday cake. But for me this was SO MUCH FUN! It was a good excuse to have a go at cake decorating again. This is the second cake I’ve ever decorated (other than the usual cupcakes). The first one was a medical themed one for a graduation and I used fondant to make lots of little pills, bandaids and a stethoscope. This time i wanted to try out using buttercream.


I recently discovered Katherine Sabbaths cakes and am officially OBSESSED! She. is. amazing. And so my birthday cake was inspired by her designs. It doesn’t have quite the same finesse (my inexperience and lack of time) but I love it anyway πŸ˜› It is 3 layers of chocolate cake with yellow vanilla buttercream. And then i pretty much went crazy with the rainbow sprinkles, confetti, chocolate shards, gum balls and meringue kisses. The photo of me holding my cake was taken last night on my actual birthday. When I woke up this morning to take photos for this blog i remembered that i had strawberry pocky lying around so i stabbed a few of those into it too.


Hubby took me out for a beautiful dinner last night complete with dessert (who knew chocolate tofu and miso ice-cream could be so good) so we were in much to much of a food coma to try the cake afterward. Now we’re going to be eating cake for days!

A really bad IPhone picture of my fondant medical cake

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