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Enchanted Forest: Colouring in for “grown-ups”

When I first discovered the colouring book Enchanted Forest on the counter at Whitcoulls a couple of months ago I literally had to suppress my squeals of excitement. I ran up to my friends like an excited child exclaiming “oooohhhmygoooosh! this is like colouring in for grown ups!” Little did I know that this was an actual thing. I had definitely been living under a rock. My friend was like yeah I have one of those, they are amazing! And so i purchased it, brought its amazingness back home with me, got into bed and …(not even exaggerating) coloured the next 4-5 hours of my life away.


This couldn’t have come at a better time for me. Working full time whilst completing post-graduate study in something I can’t exactly say I’m “passionate” about does strange things to you without you even realising it. Since completing the papers I have now come to realise that the life was literally being sucked out of me. I was wearing the same old thing sloppy clothes every day, stopped putting on makeup and wasting hours of my life watching completely pointless dramas and youtube videos. Basically doing everything that is bad for ones morale to say the least. This colouring in book was like the breath of fresh air and ray of sunshine I needed in my life to get me through those last few dragging weeks of study! Not only was it a form of art therapy but a really good tool for procrastination!


I once had an art teacher in high school who said she banned colouring books in her household while her kids were growing up because it stifled their imagination. Interpret that how you like but I feel like this book was the bridge to me rediscovering my passion for art and creativity. It didn’t require too much of me to feel overwhelmed, but just enough to get me excited. It was mind-numbing.. yes. But in a really really good way, if you know what I mean?


After colouring in my first picture with regular colouring pencils I decided to try out using watercolour pencils. These Faber-Castell pencils have been great, although I kind of wish I had bought the 48 pack now. One can never have too many coloured pencils! The pages of this book are also thick enough to handle the water. And that weird plastic pen looking thingy? That is probably one of the greatest inventions of all time. It’s been lying around my house neglected for some time now but I remembered it all of a sudden and it has made my life so much easier. You fill it up with water, and while it looks like a pen, the tip of it is actually a paint brush so instead of having to regularly dip your brush into water, you can just paint and paint and keep on painting. I purchased mine through stamping up but I have also seen them in craft stores.

image1I am currently in the process of completing this beauty, and while I definitely don’t have the best colouring/watercolour skills I am just having too much fun having fun. And that’s what counts.


3 thoughts on “Enchanted Forest: Colouring in for “grown-ups”

  1. I love it!! I also love colouring in as an adult and want to be a better artist. I love colour and being creative. I can’t believe that lady banned colouring books, how mean! Do you remember the books where you added a wet brush and the colours would appear on your page? I loved those! Great job on the colouring, gold star for you! Keep going! And posting! I am following you 🙂

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