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Blush Mint & Gold hand painted macarons


The other day I had a shared morning tea at work and then a potluck dinner later that night so I spent the previous evening making these macarons. I was inspired by the colours of some towel sets I received as a wedding present believe it or not. I do love this colour combination though. I just filled them with a simple chocolate ganache because that flavour seems to go down well with pretty much everyone.
_DSC1127After several hours of working on these I decided I couldn’t let the opportunity pass by for painting on them, despite it being 10:30 at night and having work at 7 the next morning. I had a lot of fun just splattering the gold all over the place and painting quick messy stripes across the macaron shells (edible gold dust mixed with vodka to a paint consistency). It took no time at all and still manages to looks pretty awesome. I’ll just say that if you attempt the splatter effect then make sure you’re working on a rather large wipeable surface and wearing old clothes cause this stuff gets everywhere.


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