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DIY: adorable kirigami paper bow

So it would be an understatement to say that I’ve been addicted to making these gorgeous little bows lately. Just look at how cute these things are!


The awesome thing about these is that once you get the hang of it they are dead simple to make and their versatility is amazing. Here I’ve just created some simple wall art in my living room with various sizes and colours. You could also stick them on a gift as a cute quirky alternative to a traditional ribbon or even glue it onto a hair clip and wear it (just not on a rainy day mind you). There are literally so many things you could do with these bows. I even had a few of my colleagues at work learning how to make these bows when things were quiet. One of them wanted to make these to stick on the nursery wall for her soon to be daughter. How cute is that?

I made a youtube clip for anyone who is interested to to learn how to make these. I figured it would be much easier to follow instructions in a video than in word/photo format.

Have fun going crazy with these cute paper bows!


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