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DIY: 7 ways to use a paper bow

For the last couple of days I have been dreaming up ways of which I can put my kirigami paper bows to good use, and today I finally had the time to bring the ideas in my head to real life! I was totally in my element conjuring up these creations.

Here I experimented with different ways of gift wrapping and sticking on my bows as an alternative to traditional ribbon. I tried to follow a Japanese method of wrapping these boxes (which are actually a box of matchsticks, and old jewellery boxes). The end result is a wrapped gift with clean edges and invisible excess paper/sticky tape (although I definitely have room for improvement).


I also had a go at turning these bows into quirky pieces of wearable jewellery. Sunny days allowed only though! I simply used baby bows which I made from the offcuts of bows made from A2 sized paper. I added a chain to one to make a necklace and poked a pair of glittery heart earrings through some more to make a crazy looking pair of earrings. I’m not sure if I could personally get away with wearing these earring out and about but I’m sure theres plenty of wonderful people out there who could! I would definitely wear the necklace tho. I’m thinking that a way to make them more “everyday proof” would be to go over them with a varnish spray to increase their durability.


Since my interest in the planner community began several months ago I’ve been seeing endless pictures of adorable paperclips in planners everywhere from Etsy to Youtube and Instagram. Here i created a cute paperclip for my planner by simply using hot glue to attach a bow to a paperclip.


One of my favourite hair accessories has been large bows attached to hair ties made from Japanese style fabric that I received as a gift years ago. Unfortunately they have broken from so much use but I was inspired by them to try and make hair accessories from these bows. Super cute! I just used hot glue to attach the bow to an old clip and hair pin like I did with the paper clip. So simple that you could do it in your sleep really, but its a piece that makes a statement!


I also had my first “real” attempt at filming and editing all of these creations today and what a new experience that was! A very fun one though. All in all I’m estimating it took me about seven to eight hours  to put everything together from filming to editing and uploading…and thats not including the couple of hours I spent making a heap of paper bows the other night. Whew! That is pretty much a full days work. The end result? A four minute video. I never realised how much work goes into creating a video! I have a new appreciation for people who do this every day.. and a new creative outlet for myself! I’m looking forward to stepping up my iMovie game.

Watch my video on 7 DIY kirigami bow ideas here, with a special visit at the end from my neighbours cat. Hehe.


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