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DIY: Handbag charms

This weeks DIY tutorial is on how to create your own bag charms. These are great to clip onto your handbag to jazz things up a little bit. Especially if your bag is quite plain. You can also mix and match them using different colours and styles depending on your mood, outfit or occasion. They would also make the perfect little gift for friends.

Watch the video tutorial here

Tools you will need

tools you will need

All of these tools can be found at a craft store. I bought mine from spotlight and an emporium style store here in New Zealand. I found that the emporium was much more affordable. The most expensive item was the pliers which I paid $12.99 NZD for. I found this quite reasonable but there were definitely cheaper options available as well. It was sort of an investment for me because I plan on making more DIY jewellery. Also, silly me. I forgot to add that you will need a pen.


You don’t have to use felt or leather but keep in mind that the fabric needs to be fairly thick for durabilities sake and to be able to hold its shape. That’s why I used a double layer of felt for my heart charm. Something else to keep in mind with felt is that you can get many different kinds from full acrylic or wool to a blend of both. You want to get one that is more acrylic based and quite stiff. If it is too soft and fluffy it will just fall apart when you hang anything off it. Also, make sure that your lobster claw is large enough to clip onto your handbag. An alternative to this would be simply to use a key ring.


The template that I used to create this bow is one that I have just seen floating around on the internet for a while now.  I’ve even seen pre-made paper bows using this template in craft stores. I found this one on Pinterest.


I found a template for this cute little cat by doing a simple google image search. I had to chop off his whiskers but I think it would be cute to add them back in using little bits of thread. You could even go ahead and stitch on his nose and mouth while you’re at it.


This bag charm was the first one that I made as a kind of dummy run (got to make sure I can actually do something before I video it!). I used the 3D bow template and made it out of some beige suede. It is actually probably my favourite one still. Something else to keep in mind when working with leather and suede is that it is much tougher than felt so make sure you use a strong and thicker needle. To prevent stabbing yourself with the back of the needle when trying to push it through, use a scrap of the leather as a shield between the needle and your finger… clearly I don’t own a thimble.

Download templates here

Bag charm templates

Hope you enjoyed this DIY tutorial and have fun re-creating these charms!


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