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DIY Desk organiser: white, gold and pink flamingos!


So I must have watched to many back to school videos or something (even though going back to school is the last thing in the world I would want to do) and was inspired to make my own desk organiser. I think all the videos out there were just a bit too plain for me so I decided that the only thing to do was to come up with a crazy one for all the people out there that appreciate a little bit of excessive and unnecessary embellishing. Some might be thinking why on earth would you want to stick flowers and flamingos on something thats just going to hold pens… I know. I’ve never been one to appreciate practicality over aesthetics though. Plus whats not to like about pink flamingos.

_DSC2749I realise this probably isn’t everyones taste but isn’t that just the beauty of creativity and making something yourself? You can take as much or as little as you want from this DIY. Flamingos or no flamingos. I just happen to love white and gold together so that is why I went with this colour scheme. I originally  wanted to do a more woodland theme with little plastic bunnies and deer which I would spray paint gold and place on a bed of fake moss. Here I go complaining about the lack of options where I live again but seriously…. all they had at the shops were dinosaurs, sea life and farm animals! Come oooon New Zealand!! Ain’t no body want dinosaurs, whales and pigs on their desk organiser, that is NOT CUTE! Not hating on those animals tho. Theres a time and a place thats all… and its not on my desk.

ANYWAY! Rant over.


I couldn’t be bothered waiting for an online order of bunnies and deer to arrive so I settled for pink, silicone, flamingo wine glass clips and adapted my original design.

Watch my DIY video tutorial on how to make this desk organiser here

If you would like to recreate this desk organiser you will need

  • cardboard tubes
  • base (I used a wooden plaque from the craft store but strong cardboard would also work)
  • glue (I used hot glue and superglue)
  • spray paint (alternatively, paint and a paintbrush work just fine)
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • plastic animals
  • washi tape
  • embellishments of your choice (i used paper flowers which i spray painted gold)

If white, pink and gold just aren’t your thing, and you would prefer a different colour palette a simple guideline to follow would be

  • your favourite bright colour
  • your favourite neutral colour (e.g white, black, grey)
  • your favourite metallic colour (e.g gold, silver, rose gold etc.)

I made bright pink my accent colour but you could use a metallic as your accent instead. Or you can just go nuts with rainbows, rhinestones and confetti. Do WHATEVER you want!


So go and gather all your pens and pencils together (which I know are floating around all over your house) and make them the beautiful display that they deserve!


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