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DIY: Upcycled Plastic Bunting Necklace


This bunting necklace is super easy to make and only took me about 30-45 minutes from start to finish. It makes for a unique and quirky piece of jewellery to spice up a simple outfit and you will get lots of comments asking you where you bought it from!

I used a strip of plastic measuring about 20×4 cm (8×1.5 inches) which I cut into triangles to create my bunting flags. They shrunk down to about 1/3 of their original size in the oven but keep in mind that slightly different plastic may shrink differently. Have a sacrificial triangle to test in the oven first.

Watch my video tutorial on how to create the necklace here

To make this bunting necklace you will need

  • recycled plastic with #6 in the recycling logo (or shrink plastic if it is easy to come by where you live)
  • permanent marker
  • scissors
  • baking paper
  • something flat and heavy like a book
  • jump rings
  • chain
  • clasp
  • pliers
  • embossing powder (optional)
  • oven heated to 300 degrees fahrenheit or 180 degrees celsius

alice in wonderland

Other ideas

  • I used a black permanent marker because this is what I had on hand but this could also be done with coloured permanent markers. Alternatively, if you have sandpaper or a nail file, you could rough up the surface of your plastic to enable colour pencil to adhere. Keep in mind that colours will grow in intensity as the plastic shrinks.
  • To create a more personalised necklace, try writing a letter of your name on each bunting flag.
  • Use a glittery clear nail polish to add some sparkle to your bunting necklace and to help seal in the design
  • Use a shorter length of chain to create a choker style necklace_DSC2820

If you choose not to coat your charms in embossing powder, style your necklace to that the permanent maker side is facing your skin and away from the elements. Having your drawings on the back of the charms will help to create a more three dimensional look. The only thing to keep in mind for this is that your pictures will become the reverse of what you draw so take care when writing letters of the alphabet.


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