Mini Minecraft Birthday Cake

My husband’s birthday : ) yet another excuse to have a go at cake decorating.  I decided to go mini sized, and ended up being pretty thankful because after cutting out and sticking on 288 individual fondant squares I was seeing everything in pixels. Some of the standard sized Minecraft cakes out there use over 1000 squares.


It was also a complete fluke that I managed to fit the squares perfectly onto the cake (I’m not really one to get technical with pre measuring before starting a project). From my research, the majority of the Minecraft cakes tended to have a row of half size squares to fill in leftover space so I was fully expecting to run into that problem. Not quite sure how I managed to avoid that one.


So here is how I made my chocolate Minecraft cake

I did not take any measurements for this cake while I was making it. I am only taking measurements now for the purpose of this blog and anyone who might be researching how to make a Minecraft cake.

I purchased a small square 10x10cm square cake tin deliberately for this cake but the batter I used was far too spongy and soft so this turned into a total fail when I went to tip it out of the tin..the whole thing crumbled to soggy pieces. I had a bit of cake batter left so I ended up pouring the rest into a 21x21x5cm tin. In only filled the tin about 1/4 of the way up but  the cake rose quite a bit.

Upon searching my house for square objects while my cake was baking I found a coaster which measures 10x10cm. I had a standard round silver cardboard cake-plate so I traced the coaster twice onto the cake plate and cut them out.

Once my square cake was baked and cooled, I levelled off the top and cut it into four quarters. Then I trimmed the edges so that my cakes fit into the cake plate with approximately 5mm of cake-plate showing around the perimeter.

The following morning I attached the bottom later of my cake to the cake-plate using chocolate ganache then continued to layer the remaining 3 squares of cake on top of each other with layers of ganache in total. Then I placed a second 10x10cm cake-plate on top.

Ensuring the edges of the top cake-plate lined up with the bottom cake-plate I started covering my the sides of my cake with ganache, filling up that 5mm gap between the cake and the edge of the cake-plates.

Once all the sides were flat and the corners were sharp, I removed the top cake plate and covered the top of the cake in ganache. My cake was actually a bit higher and a more cube looking when i started out but by the time I finished with the ganace I had probably squeezed some of the air out of the cake.

I used this awesome video as a guide for ganache-ing my cake. There are heaps of Minecraft cake videos on youtube.

Then it was finally time to set about making all my little squares. I made 4 shades of green fondant, four shades of brown fondant and some grey fondant. I was originally going to use a pizza cutter to cut square shapes out of the fondant then remembered that I had a tiny little square cookie cutter which was at the time i thought looked like 1x1cm but upon measuring It is actually 1.3×1.3cm

I rolled out each colour of fondant to about 2-3mm thick and then cut out heaps of little squares with my cutter. I probably made about 500 cause I had NO idea how many I would be using but its better to have more then realise halfway that you need to make more squares. It was pretty tedious. I added tylose powder to my fondant to help it dry faster.

Then I just set to work sticking all my squares onto my cake. I started in a top corner and worked in rows. Somehow 8 of my fondant squares managed to fit perfectly in a row onto my cake.

I was originally planning on making little fondant steve/pig/tnt but by the time all that was done I was pretty over cake decorating so raided my husbands Minecraft lego stash and placed a steve, pig and a creeper on the top instead.

And that is that! If you decide to make a Minecraft cake beware that you will still be seeing squares when you close your eyes.



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