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DIY Paper strawberry garland


Theres something about decorative garlands that just make the party decor that much cuter! There are so many amazing DIY garlands out there so I though I would throw a new one in the mix. This strawberry garland would be super cute at a little girls birthday or summer tea party.

I’ve literally been making these paper strawberries since I was about 10 or so when a Japanese homestay taught me how. Many a boring class, meeting or sitting in a waiting room have turned into  strawberry folding sessions over the past 15  years. I’ve wanted to share these super cute strawberries with everyone for a while but have been trying to come up with a cute and creative use for them other than a bookmark.

Folding these strawberries can look a little tricky at first, especially if you are new to origami. But practice makes perfect and once you have made two or three you’ll be a pro and you will have yourself a garland in no time!




  • A4 paper
  • String
  • Tape

Watch my video tutorial on how to make the strawberry garland here


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