8 DIYs to revamp your planner for the new year!


A new year calls for new beginnings and fresh starts. What better way to do this than to give your trusty planner a makeover? It is after all pretty much your second brain. There is something so refreshing about purging all the contents from the past year and putting them away to start afresh. I have put together 8 DIY’s to inspire the planner addicts out there and help motivate you to be organised for the new year ahead.



  • Trace around your old planner dividers onto some fun card or paper and cut them out to make new ones. Laminate them if you are using thinner card or paper to make it stronger.
  • Decorate an envelope with stickers and punch out holes as a simple way to store loose bits of paper, stickers or memories and souvenirs such as tickets and photos.
  • Make a charm for your planner by threading felt balls together and attaching chain and embellishments.
  • Fold a paper bow and secure it to a plain paper clip with hot glue and/or strong tape
  • Wrap some washi tape around a plain paper clip and cut it into a flag shape
  • Tie a felt ball or mini pompon onto a plain paperclip to transform it into a cute as a button page marker.
  • Revamp your old pens and pencils by wrapping them in washi tape
  • Collect together some of your favourite inspirational quotes and put them throughout your planner. I used journalling cards, you could print some out and laminate them. They make for a motivation boost every now and then.

Watch my video tutorial here

I bought my planner from Kikki K back in 2015 and have had to majorly resist the urge to purchase a new one since, they are constantly coming out with gorgeous new designs! So instead I decided to revamp my current one. You may want to go crazy with all the colours of the rainbow by all means go ahead! Your planner is supposed to inspire you and make you want to use it! The beauty of DIY is getting exactly what you want. I ended up trying to stick with a cohesive colour palette drawing from the cherry, blush and gold hues of my planner.


2016 has been a pretty eventful year for me with being pregnant and becoming a mother and my planner has played a vital part in remembering all those midwife, doctor and baby appointments. I’m looking forward to what the new year brings with all the exciting new experiences motherhood has to give (and maybe a business venture… perhaps?) Bring on 2017!



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